Welcome to the Hub City Iron Works™ ecommerce site.  This site is designed to allow for easy online ordering of Hub City products and parts.  You may browse our available products and parts by clicking on the category name(s) located in the blue left hand column. Both new and returning customers should login in order to submit requests for quotes online.

Ordering Instructions
1. Click on a product category (e.g. Pipe Cleaning Machine) in the left column and browse through our products.  Customers may also search for a product using our search function.

2. When a customer locates the product they want, simply click “Add to Quote” after selecting the appropriate quantities.

3. Customers may continue browsing or proceed to Quote Submission.

4. When proceeding to Quote Submission, please fill out all billing and shipping information in the provided spaces and choose your shipping method.  The shipping cost is only an estimate and subject to change when receiving final quote.

5. Once the customer completes the Quote Submission form, they simply click “Place Quote” and will receive an email confirming that their quote has been submitted.

6. A Hub City Iron Works™ sales/service representative will email the customer within 1 full business day.  The email will contain a link to the updated quote with correct shipping and tax amounts shown.

7. Customer will review the updated quote and input their correct credit card information for payment.  Click on “Place Order” to submit the payment.

8. Customer will be shown an invoice page that can be printed for their records.

9. Customer’s order will be processed and shipped out to customer within 1 full business day of processed payment.

Please call our customer service number at +1 337 334 6969 if you need personal assistance when ordering.